Graybar Helps Reduce Energy Costs at Healthcare Facility
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Graybar Helps Reduce Energy Costs at Healthcare Facility



As healthcare costs continue to rise, many facility owners are looking for ways to reduce energy usage and operating expenses.

When a healthcare provider in central California wanted to increase the energy efficiency of its medical offices, it turned to Graybar for a cost-effective solution. Graybar is a leading distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products and provider of related supply chain management services.


The first step was to conduct an energy and environmental impact analysis on the four-story medical office building. This revealed opportunities to implement energy-saving lighting solutions through replacing fixtures and adding motion and occupancy sensors. The facility was spending approximately $66,663 annually on energy and maintenance costs. Lighting upgrades throughout the facility would help to reduce this number by 79 percent.

Graybar proposed a combination of solutions through Graybar PowerSmart?, which offers a variety of energy-efficient products and sustainable solutions to customers. The plan was to replace the existing 2x2, 2x4 and six-inch can lights with new LED fixtures and install motion and occupancy sensors in patient rooms, hallways and nurse workstations.


The project was completed in four months and included approximately 900 new fixtures. Additional savings were realized as a result of reduced air conditioning costs due to less heat being produced by the new lights.

Graybar assisted the healthcare provider with everything from fixture specification to logistical support through kitting and staging of materials.

The new fixtures are expected to run for 15 years without maintenance or replacement expenses, a vast improvement over the previous fixtures. In addition, the facility is expected to save 33 percent annually on energy costs with a projected energy savings of approximately $263,000 over a five-year period.

Interested in reducing your own energy costs? Contact your local Graybar branch to find out more.